Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video: Rolls Royce Ghost Review, but different

Reviews of cars you can find anywhere, but they are all stuffed in journo's too expensive hotels are stopped and all slaves of the automotive industry. What happens if your January-to-the-camphone once in a luxury sled move? The following video provides the answer.

This dude probably works for Manhattan Motorcars (see plate holder) and may work for BMW and related products move (the Ferrari which stands for). In a 9 minute video he just along the interior and put a cautionary note here and there (read: zeikt a car that he can never quite pay off).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is the extended Rolls-Royce Ghost!

Interested in a ghost who still looks more like the Phantom, or you are of Chinese descent and have an innate fondness for extra legroom? Then the Ghost EWB now available for you.

In April, this semi-Brit unveiled in the country they most certainly going to sell: China. Compared to the standard Ghost EWB version offers 17 cm more legroom. The wheelbase is 3.47 meters on, mmm 100 shorter than big brother Phantom.

Under the hood is the familiar as ever. A twin-turbo 6.6-liter V12 with 563 hp and a torque of 780 Nm villainously. With this in 4.9 seconds to one hundred fold should therefore not be a problem, but you do not, of course with such a car. Yet?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rolls-Royce recall: Ghost flies on fire

Did you happen to be the proud owner of a Rolls-Royce Ghost? But please note that your loved limonite spontaneously in flames fly!

It seems like today recall Wednesday, calls for not only Maserati cars back to the garage. Also in the British Rolls-Royce is ever wrong. And that is obviously the BMW parts they contain.

What is the problem? In Ghost's built in the period September 2009 to September 2010 may be that the electric water pump will overheat and smolder. This can then provide a small fire under the hood with the ultimate result that you can uitfikken entire car.

Only in the U.S. has already covers 589 Ghost's, the world will therefore, there are a lot more. The same pump is also used in many BMW models with a blown V8 and V12, which should also return to the garage to the water pump replaced. It concerns the following model years:

     MY 2011 5 Series
     MY 2010-2011 5 Series GT
     MY 2009-2011 7 Series
     MY 2010-2011 X5
     MY 2008-2011 X6

In total, about 32,000 BMWs should be recalled. And how many cars went wrong? BMW 102 with the water pump broke and the only 2 cars there was a small fire under the hood. (via:

If a Rolls Royce Ghost clashes

If a Rolls Royce Ghost on a collision course, you do not stand in his path. The car is just as solid as it looks. A few pilots crash in China was not willing to demonstrate this.

A Rolls Royce you usually expect in a crash. The cars are relatively low mileage, quiet ride and you do not see them easily overlooked. Course, is the danger in a small corner.

How the Rolls Royce Ghost Buick GL8 just hit the little unclear. In any case, the latter as a ping pong ball bounced on the rollers, and then against a pole on its roof to land. The guardian angels were again hard at work since no one was seriously injured. This is not to say the Buick and drove the Rolls after the blow stops. Too much fluid is lost. Oh, he flew at least not on fire. (via

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rolls-Royce Ghost of growth hormones on armor tech

Roller as the little brother of the Phantom in the market was just put on the rack and 110 inch stretch? Yeah, for that you being in Russia.

A Bentley Mulsanne extend the Porsche Panamera uglier longer or a little more Audi A8L "L" show, it's all in armor technology in Moscow. In recent months they have launched numerous extension options, but we wonder whether there really is an instance already built. After all, it constantly photo shops and cars are made ​​to order.

For Ghost, the program range from a modest 15 cm extending from there to 1.1 meters. The additional metal is at the front / rear doors there, or the middle part is increased. Who is afraid of his offending can also opt for a raised roof. And according to the tradition of the Ghost armor tech chalk the necessary pounds of armor along (or level VR6 VR7, take your pick).

The price? Ies that geheimski. But who is interested in luxuries, ample legroom and bulletproof strapatsen may contact James list for details.

PS. At Rolls Royce itself can also be tapped for a space-leg version of the Ghost.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Rolls-Royce Ghost name

Rolls-Royce has finally officially announced what her new model will be called. The Silver Ghost rumors did the rounds for ages, but it was not entirely true. Rolls-Royce calls its new model Ghost.
It remains a special event when a manufacturer like Rolls-Royce presents a new model. And similarly with the Ghost. Initially, Rolls-Royce model made ​​under the project name RR4 through life. In presenting the concept in Geneva and now the 200EX Rolls-Royce has finally announced that the car will be called Ghost.

That name does not appear out of thin air. Between 1906 and 1925 were even Rolls-Royce produced under the name Ghost. From the fourth quarter of 2009, that name will be reactivated again. From that time, Rolls-Royce at its plant in southern England, namely Goodwood start production. A half years at Goodwood is underway to expand the factory so the Ghost gets its own production. The paint and the leather and wood, however places are simply shared with the Phantom series.

V12 turbo engine
Slowly but surely has a lot Rolls-Royce Ghost unveiled the details. The 200EX concept is clearly ready for production and only minimal details will differ from the production model. The appearance is therefore already known. What we do know is that Rolls-Royce a completely new 6.6 liter V12 turbo engine in the front hangs below. The engine develops an output of more than 500 horsepower and brings its power through a ZF 8-speed transmission on the rear wheels. Its length of 5.39 m, width 1.94 m and height 1.55 m is impressive. And those who are not convinced that it will hit the train, because the wheelbase measures 3.29 m.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is a vision of simplicity. With the core values ​​of Rolls-Royce is modern, seemingly natural luxury created. The Ghost is designed to drive unprecedented manner. The base is dynamic enough to please the driver while providing a serene comfort to the other occupants to spoil. The engine will be available in a manner totally different feel than other cars: seemingly effortless and unlimited extent. The occupants are pampered by it. Someone has said about this car: the Ghost seems intended to relax.

"Simplicity is the hardest design principle to follow," says chief designer Ian Cameron. The flowing lines of the Ghost are dominated by the majestic 'yacht line styling. Large, uninterrupted surfaces fine horizontal lines connect to each other. The rising sill line and sloping roof create a powerful profile. It looks like the interior compartment is pushed back. The rear is a manifestation of power, which can be further emphasized by the optional chromed exhausts to choose.
In the design of the classic Rolls-Royce Ghost is incorporated features such as the raised front, long hood, short overhangs at the front, the sloping A-pillar (front window frames) and the elegant. At the same time this model looks less formal than previous models of the brand. Modern refinements to the RR logos in the wheels always remain upright (even while driving), the xenon headlights and the latest design evolution of the Rolls-Royce grille. The corners are rounded and the grille bars were placed inside. According to Ian Cameron wanted the design of the grille "less on the Parthenon and make it seem more like the air intake of a jet." Optionally enter a hood, grille and windshield frame choose a satin silver finish. The car in the photos has also. The beautiful result is achieved with a silver metallic hue which a clearcoat is sprayed, the effect of a matte lacquer gives.

  Inside, the interior design team created a contemporary feel, while the traditions of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are maintained in the form of fine materials and comfort. So are lights fitted with frosted glass and chrome door handles. Other distinctive features are the traditional buttons similar to the tuning pegs of a violin, eyeball vents and cream-white dashboard instruments. The carpet pile is optionally combined with lambs wool floor mats.

Both front and rear doors are large in size. The front doors are Teflon-coated umbrellas processed. The rear doors are traditional, ie they are hinged at the rear. The opening angle is less than 83 degrees. Once seated, the doors with the push of a button to close.

There is plenty of natural light inside and the optional panorama roof enhances this again. The four-zone automatic climate control adjusts to the needs of all passengers on. Both front and rear control panel is available. Automatic recirculation, defog a preventive function and a sunlight-dependent control are also obvious.
Thanks to the large doors and high shoulder line of the car occupants are well protected from knowing glances from outside. The back style is designed for privacy. The rear seats are at a slight angle facing each other, making it easier to converse with fellow travelers back. Thanks to the slightly elevated seating position, there is an unobstructed view forward. The rear lounge is desired to replace individual lounge seats. These can be fitted with a massage function and seat ventilation. An illuminated glass with champagne cooler is also available.
Another option is veneered picnic tables, leather and veneers which are adapted to the rest of the interior. These tables at the back of the front seats are characteristic of Rolls-Royce.
An extensive audio system increases the companion in the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The system power is 600 watts. The composition include a 10-channel amplifier, 16 speakers including two subwoofers on the floor, connections for USB and aux-in and a 12.5 GB hard drive to play music from USB or CD store.


An interesting option for the rear passengers Theatre Configuration. This means that all institutions that do not interfere with the driver, to operate in reverse. The functions are displayed on two 9.2-inch screens on the seatbacks of the front seats are mounted. The screen angle is adjustable with a knob in the center armrest is through the menus. By using headphones, other passengers have no problems with the entertainment features. With this option package is a 6-CD changer in the glove compartment included.The Ghost has a unibody chassis and body shapes so a whole. This has the advantage that the exterior dimensions less liable to fail, while the interior space is preserved. The Ghost is 40 cm shorter than the Phantom, but the interior space is comparable. A double bulkhead helps to make the interior as quiet as possible.The Ghost of air springs. The double-wishbone front suspension and multilink rear suspension are associated with a clever air suspension on all four wheels. Moreover, it integrates electronic variable damping. Ride comfort is of high standard.The air is so sensitive that even the smallest changes are considered, such as a rear passenger side to the other side of the chair moves. The suspension will be here immediately respond. Sensors gather information on which the suspension settings are based. So just adjust the shock absorbers have the operation every 2.5 milliseconds to the current circumstances. This excels the Ghost not only by a very high level of comfort, but also precise steering and dynamic drive character.The air suspension can raise the body 25 mm or even 25 mm closer to the road. This can be useful during boarding and disembarking or while driving on bad roads.Other standard electronic assistance systems are Anti-Roll Stabilization, Dynamic Brake Control and Dynamic Stability Control including Dynamic Traction Control and Cornering Brake Control.

Under the hood of the Rolls-Royce Ghost houses a 6.6-liter V12 engine, which is reserved for Rolls-Royce. This engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic from ZF. Also thanks to the use of two turbochargers and direct injection power is 420 kW (570 hp) at 5,250 rpm. The torque peaks at 780 Nm at 1,500 rpm. The top speed is electronically limited at 250 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds is possible. The average fuel consumption is 13.6 l/100 km, representing a range of 605 km and the average CO2 emission is 317 g / km. The Ghost is the most powerful car that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has ever produced. Engine and transmission together give the feeling that infinite power is available. Instead of a tachometer so shines a reserve' power meter on the instrument panel.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is 5399 mm long, 1,948 mm wide and 1,550 mm high. The wheelbase is 3,295 mm. The boot fits 490 liters luggage. The curb weight is 2435 kg. For the 19-inch wheels are 255/55 R19 tires. If you opt for 20-inch wheels, the front tires in the size 255/45 R20 and 285/40 R20 rear tire.

The Ghost is more driver-oriented than any Rolls-Royce before. The seating position is slightly higher than usual. In the factory they call it "the authority position." The view of the road is so better. The dashboard is deliberately kept a clean, spacious and with a clear layout. The controls are beautifully shaped ornaments and key specimens are distinguished by chrome accents. Behind the steering wheel controls the soft light shining on the instrument panel.

When not in use, is the central display panel hidden behind a veneer. The settings of navigation, telephone, other communications and entertainment features are there to read. To operate, there is a central knob on the center console, with around buttons that provide quick access to important functions.

The optional driver assistance systems work easily and discreetly. With Comfort Entry open the doors when you touch the chrome door handle. With voice control voice instructions are sufficient to adjust settings as desired. Cameras at the back, front and top of the car create a panoramic image, which is useful in confusing intersections and parking. The discreetly concealed behind the grille of Night Vision camera to detect pedestrians at a distance of 300 meters. This infrared camera provides a warning if necessary for the central display.
The head-up display projects key information, such as speed and navigation instructions onto the windscreen in the driver's field of view. Both the height and information functions of the head-up display are customizable. Lane departure warning gives a signal when the car inadvertently depart from the lane. It uses a camera behind the mirror, the road geometry and position of the car is watching. If the car exceeds the lines on the road, you feel that a slight vibration in the steering wheel. High Beam Assistance beam automatically turns on and off. This works with the camera Lane Departure Warning. Adaptive headlights also improve the visibility in the dark.
Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go makes riding in the Rolls-Royce Ghost more relaxing, especially during long rides. Depending on traffic density accelerates and slows the car if it should stop altogether. Active Brake Intervention helps a steep incline at constant speed to descend and the Curve Speed ​​Limiter ensures that the Ghost in turns slows down if it is better for safety and comfort.
The construction of a Rolls-Royce Ghost takes a minimum of twenty days. At that time, sixty pairs of hands working on the car. Only painting and polishing the body takes all seven days. This is done in the same paint as the Phantom range which is sprayed. On the exterior of the Ghost are five finishes. The two top layers are clear coat. Between applying each layer of the car by hand sanding. When the last coat is on, the body five hours hand-polished.
The Ghost is available in twelve body colors, sometimes in combination with a satin silver bonnet: Adriatic Blue, Claret, Darkest Tungsten, Dark Indigo, Diamond Black, English White, Ensign Red, Jubilee Silver, Lunar Blue, Metropolitan Blue, New Sable and Sea Green.

The leather comes from bulls grazing in pastures with a fence without barbed wire. For each interior are eight hides required. The dyeing is done by them fully immerse the skins rather than to besprayen. This color penetrates well into the leather and keeps the skin supple, reducing the chance of tearing and cracking. All seats and interior panels are hand stitched using traditional methods. A choice of leather colors Black, Consort Red, Light Cream, Dark Spice, Fleet Blue Moccasin, Pine Green and Seashell.

The wood veneer in a car comes from the same tree. This makes the veins in your car following a pattern. Moreover, all panels are shown over the years in terms of color is still the same. The veneer is hand sanded and fitted with five coats of lacquer to a mirror sheen. For the Ghost are Elm Cluster, Dark Wenge, Malabar, Burr Walnut and Piano Black available.